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What the Canadian press wrote

Calgary Sun 31/01/2009
Cool Stuff Flames fans would definitely approve of this ?Bring Stanley to Calgary? message, but Mypacifier can use any words you want. There is a huge variety of styles with baby names, cute sayings and holiday themes ready to go, or provide your own customized words: $9.95 each or three for $19.95 at
Rogers TV 24/10/2008
Thanks so much for joining us on our Rogers TV program Daytime. Your pacifiers were a big hit with all of the staff here at Rogers TV! You are so knowledgeable about your product...makes it easier for people to make an informed decision when it comes to safe products for our babies! We also loved that you could customize the pacifiers...what fun...a great way to be creative! They make great gifts!

Many thanks and all the best with the pacifiers.


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