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Press release

3th of September 2009

Nicole Richie and Matthew McConaughey crazy about MyPacifier™ personalized pacifiers

As recently reported in People magazine, trendsetting mom Nicole Richie just can't do without the personalized MyPacifier™ pacifiers for her baby Harlow. Nicole joins the ever-growing list of celebrity moms and dads, like Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Heidi Klum and Seal, who have fallen head over heels for these unique personalized pacifiers.

In fact, celebrity babies from all over the world are now being photographed with their MyPacifiers, just 3 years after a housewife in Denmark came up with the idea.

MyPacifier™ was invented in 2005 by Pia Callesen after experiencing constant problems with her son's pacifiers; either disappearing, or turning up in another baby's mouth at daycare. The solution was simple, but effective imprint the child's name on the pacifier. The leading pacifier manufacturers had their doubts, but today MyPacifier#&8482 is a flourishing worldwide business.

No matter if it is at daycare, in the mother's group, at home or elsewhere, the unique and elegant MyPacifiers can put a stop, once and for all, to the problem of switched and lost pacifiers while at the same time preventing the unnecessary spread of bacteria & germs between children.

This combination of the unique, practical and elegant have made MyPacifier™ pacifiers a bestseller all over the world.

At MyPacifier™, high quality pacifiers from the world's leading pacifier producers are imprinted. The name will survive repeated boiling & sterilization. The price for a pack of 3 personalized MyPacifier™ pacifiers is $19.95. MyPacifiers come in many different colours and models. There is room for up to 2 lines of text on each MyPacifier™ and delivery is approximately 3 weeks. At you can see how the child's name will look on the pacifier.

For further information or pictures please contact Tamara Brancati by email:

MyPacifier™ personalized pacifiers. The world's first, and still the best quality, personalized pacifiers. A favourite of Hollywood stars!
12th of November 2008


High quality personalized pacifiers have been introduced in the Canadian market by an Ontario stay-at-home mom, Tamara Brancati at

This "mommy-invented" product was created by Pia Callesen from Denmark in April 2004 to avoid serious germ spreading at day cares as well as mixing between toddlers. Currently available in 9 countries, this product is becoming a MUST have amongst parents not only for its originally intended purpose but now also as a fashion statement!

Celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Heidi Klum, Trista Sutter and Julianna Margulies have fitted their babies with Mypacifier™ and baby Dannielynn Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith's daughter) has been seen sporting the "My Dad Rocks" pacifier from our U.S. sole distributor Carol and Kim Pedersen at

Mypacifier™ only sells the highest quality pacifiers manufactured by the leading pacifier producers in the world. These manufacturers have won many awards for their safe, high-quality pacifiers and after 4 years of business, there has never been a need for recall. We also offer BPA free pacifiers.

Whether it's for personal use or as a great gift, these pacifiers are very reasonably priced. MyPacifier™ can be purchased on the internet at Pacifiers come in a wide variety of styles and colours, VIP and gift-ready options available as well as the choice of latex or a silicone nipple.

To personalize pacifiers with your own unique saying or specific name go to and type in your customized information. You will be able to view the product before purchasing.

Minimize the risk of germs and make your baby look like a star by outfitting them with what Hollywood puts in their babies mouths!


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